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  1. Armstrong (4)
  2. Beaulieu of America (1)
  3. BR111 (1)
  4. Duchateau Floors (1)
  5. Gemwood (4)
  6. IndusParquet (11)
  7. Mohawk (4)
  8. Oasis (2)
  9. Provenza (2)
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  1. Amendoim (2)
  2. American Cherry (1)
  3. American Walnut (2)
  4. Brazilian Cherry (3)
  5. Brazilian Hickory (1)
  6. Brazilian Pecan (1)
  7. Brazilian Walnut (1)
  8. Eucalyptus (1)
  9. European Ash (1)
  10. European White Oak (7)
  11. Hickory (6)
  12. Larch (1)
  13. Macchiato Pecan (1)
  14. Maple (7)
  15. Oak (7)
  16. Oscuro Tigerwood (1)
  17. Red Oak (1)
  18. Santos Mahogany (3)
  19. Siberian Oak (2)
  20. Tigerwood (1)
  21. Walnut (7)
  22. White Oak (2)
  1. Engineered (45)
  2. Longstrip Engineered (3)
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  1. Brazil (12)
  2. Holland (1)
  3. USA (13)

Engineered Hardwood


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  1. Amendoim TRENGAME5

    Amendoim 1/2"x5"
    $6.49 / sq.ft.

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  2. Amendoim TRENGAME3

    Amendoim 3/8"x3-1/4"
    $6.39 / sq.ft.

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  3. American Retreat Room Scene

    American Retreat
    $3.99 / sq.ft.

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  4. Artiquity, Architexture Hardwood Collection

    Artiquity, Architexture Hardwood Collection
    $6.59 / sq.ft.

    Regular Price: $6.59

    Special Price: $5.49

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  5. Wide Plank Brazilian Cherry - TRENGBC5

    Brazilian Cherry 1/2"x5"
    $6.29 / sq.ft.

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  1. Brazilian Cherry TRENGBC3

    Brazilian Cherry 3/8"x3-1/4"
    $5.99 / sq.ft.

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  2. Brazilian Hickory in Family Room

    Brazilian Hickory 3/8"x3-1/4"
    $7.29 / sq.ft.

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  3. Macchiato Pecan 1/2"x5"

    Brazilian Pecan (Macchiato Pecan) 1/2"x5"
    $7.49 / sq.ft.

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  4. Macchiato Pecan in Studio

    Brazilian Pecan (Macchiato Pecan) 3/8"x3-1/4"
    $6.79 / sq.ft.

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  5. Brazilian Walnut 1/2"x5-1/4" Engineered Prefinished Hardwood

    Brazilian Walnut 1/2"x5"
    $8.39 / sq.ft.

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  1. California Classics, Random Width, Hollywood - CCHO744

    California Classics 4, 5 & 6" Widths
    $5.49 / sq.ft.

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  2. California Classics, San Diego - CCSD0399, Maple

    California Classics 6" Wide Planks
    $5.49 / sq.ft.

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  3. Room Scene of Carmel Collection

    Carmel Collection
    $4.99 / sq.ft.

    Regular Price: $4.99

    Special Price: $4.49

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  4. Castle Combe Hardwod, Sevington on floor and Sodbury on wall

    Castle Combe Originals
    $9.49 / sq.ft.

    Regular Price: $9.49

    Special Price: $8.99

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  5. Century Estate Hickory Hardwood

    Century Estate Hickory - Hand Scraped
    $9.99 / sq.ft.

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  1. Century Estate Maple Hardwood

    Century Estate Maple - Hand Scraped
    $9.99 / sq.ft.

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  2. Century Estate Oak Hardwood

    Century Estate Oak - Hand Scraped
    $9.99 / sq.ft.

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  3. Century Estate Walnut Hardwood

    Century Estate Walnut - Hand Scraped
    $10.49 / sq.ft.

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  4. Atelier Series, Cathedral Colonial / The Netherlands

    Duchateau Atelier Collection
  5. Du Chateau Heritage Collection

    Duchateau Heritage Timber Edition
  1. The Terra Collection

    Duchateau Terra Collection
  2. The Vernal Collection Room Scene

    Duchateau Vernal Collection
  3. Golden Tigerwood 3/8" Enginered Wood Flooring

    Golden Tigerwood (Oscuro Tigerwood) 3/8"x3-1/4"
    $6.79 / sq.ft.

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  4. Heirloom Collection by Provenza Floors

    $5.99 / sq.ft.

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  5. Noble Hardwood Collection, Shiraz 4110 by Beaulieu of America

    Noble Hardwood Collection
    $6.99 / sq.ft.

    Regular Price: $6.99

    Special Price: $6.49

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  1. Northaven collection

    Northaven Hardwood Collection
    $5.49 / sq.ft.

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  2. Oasis Hardwood Flooring

    Old Carmel Collection
    $5.69 / sq.ft.

    Regular Price: $5.69

    Special Price: $5.29

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  3. Provenza, Old World Collection, UV Cured Oiled Engineered Hardwood Flooring

    Old World Collection
  4. Gemwood, Pacific Treasures, 5" Wide - Hand Scraped Maple

    Pacific Treasures - Maple Hand Scraped
    $5.99 / sq.ft.

    Regular Price: $5.99

    Special Price: $4.99

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  5. California Classics, Reserve Collection, San Ynez  random width maple floor

    Reserve Collection 4, 6 & 8" Widths
    $6.49 / sq.ft.

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  1. Santos Mahogany, Wide Plank Engineered Hardwood

    Santos Mahogany 1/2"x5"
    $7.59 / sq.ft.

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  2. 1/2" Thick Engineered Santos Mahogany

    Santos Mahogany 3/8"x3-1/4"
    $6.49 / sq.ft.

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  3. Sawbridge 4", 6" and 8" Multi Width Engineered Hardwood

    Sawbridge 4" 6" 8" Multi Width
    $5.59 / sq.ft.

    Regular Price: $5.59

    Special Price: $4.99

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  4. The Chateau Aged Character Room Scene

    The Chateau Collection
  5. Engineered Tigerwood - TRENGTW3

    Tigerwood 3/8"x3-1/4"
    $6.39 / sq.ft.

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  1. 5/8" Thick  American Black Walnut Engineered Factory Finish

    Unfinished American Black Walnut, 5/8" Engineered
    $9.12 / sq.ft.

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  2. American Cherry in Factory Finished

    Unfinished American Cherry, 5/8" Engineered
    $8.49 / sq.ft.

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  3. Brazilian Cherry Hardwood (Finished Product)

    Unfinished Brazilian Cherry, 5/8" Engineered
    $9.49 / sq.ft.

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  4. Eucalyptus Hardwood Flooring with Dark Stain Finish

    Unfinished Eucalyptus, 5/8" Engineered
    $10.00 / sq.ft.

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  5. European White Oak 3/4" Thick, factory Finish

    Unfinished European White Oak, 3/4" Engineered
    $8.76 / sq.ft.

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  1. Finished Hickory Hardwood

    Unfinished Hickory, 5/8" Engineered
    $7.62 / sq.ft.

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  2. Maple Hardwood Finished with Gray Stain

    Unfinished Maple, 5/8" Engineered
    $7.04 / sq.ft.

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  3. Red Oak

    Unfinished Red Oak, 5/8" Engineered
    $6.68 / sq.ft.

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  4. 5/8" Thick  Santos Mahogany Engineered Factory Finish

    Unfinished Santos Mahogany, 5/8" Engineered
    $11.76 / sq.ft.

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  5. White Oak (finished)

    Unfinished White Oak, 5/8" Engineered
    $7.00 / sq.ft.

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  Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Engineered wood floors constructed of multiple layers of cross grain that are bonded together.The upper layer is made of a real wood selected from various species. The lower layers are made of different types of wood and it could be natural wood or man-made wood like plywood. The grains in each successive layer have a different orientation making the wood more stable and less prone to warping. Stability is the biggest advantage of anengineered hardwood over the solid wood floor, thus it could be installed Below, On or Above Ground Level.

Engineered hardwood same as solid wood is available in pre-finished or unfinished, and can be find in all known species used in hardwood flooring industries along with many different finishes such as urethane finish or Oil Finish. 
Engineered wood floor depends on its construction and dimensions can be direct glue-down, nail, staple or floated. Some engineered woods are also available in click and lock systems. Floating engineered wood needs to be installed directly over an underlayment, like cork underlayment or rubber underlayment.

Poor constructed engineered wood floors use substandard glues that may contain volatile organic compounds. These cheap wood floors will emit VOC’s for years. Engineered wood made from cheap glues or made with poor quality base layers is likely to unravel in the blink of an eye. It is also better to visit a physical store and get a first hand idea of the appearance and finish of a floor instead of relying on online pictures.

One of the most important fact we all need to consider while purchasing our new wood floor is that the plant has been taken, harvested, possessed, transported, sold or exported legally in any foreign country or the U.S. "Lacey Act" banning commerce in illegally sourced plants and their wood products. The following are "Lacey Act" plant violation:

  • Theft of plants
  • Taking plants from an officially protected area, such as park or reserve,
  • Taking plants without, or contrary to, the required authorization
  • Failure to pay appropriate royalties, taxes or fees associated with the plant's harvest, transport or commerce
  • Laws governing export or trans-shipment such as a log-export ban

Let's be responsible and buy our hardwood floor and any other wood products from a reputable manufacturer and retailer. Carpet Floor & More, Inc. is proud to be the authorized hardwood dealer for most those reputable manufacturers.

For fine hardwood floors, hardwood design ideas and hardwood installation consultation, visit our Los Angeles floor covering showroom where we carry high-end commercial hardwood floors and residential hardwood floors with many choices and patterns to choose from. Bring the natural beauty to your home decor with our designer choice of the latest stylish wood flooring, from strip solid & engineered hardwood to wide planks, long lengths and long strips wood floor. Experience how design, technology and sustainability work inunison across our selective products.

Hardwood Flooring Installation in Los Angeles

Carpet Floor & More has been installing hardwood flooring in Los Angeles and North America since 1987 and completed numerous hardwood floor projects with %100 satisfaction. Carpet Floor & More also sells hardwood floors in Los Angeles and other parts of North America. Our installation services are available in many cities of USA and CANADA.

Some Facts about Expansion and Contraction of Hardwood

Wood is hygroscopic material and, it will absorb or release moisture until in equilibrium of its surroundings.

*Gaps may occur due to change in seasons and/or changes in humidity.

*Wood will not swell or shrink equally; this may cause gaps in some areas of the floor and not in others.

*Gaps may be more excessive around vents or above the home’s heating system.

*Excessive moisture may cause cupping of a wood floor, although a small amount of cupping can be accepted as normal, especially in wider widths.

*Plank floors (3”-8” width) will expand and contract to greater degrees than strip flooring (1 ½”-2 ¼ “).

*Some species of wood may expand and contract more or less depending on the “stability” of the wood.

*All species of wood differ in stability characteristics and hardness. The Janka Scale is a measurement to determine the hardness of woods.

*With the normal expansion and contraction of wood, over time squeaks may occur from the nails and staples slowly becoming loose, however, most squeaks come from loose sub-floors rather than the actual hardwood.

In new installations, Carpet Floor & More takes as many steps as possible to secure the existing sub-floor to prepare it for a good installation; however in existing floors, squeaks may be difficult or not possible to fix.

Serving Since 1987

Working closely with Architects and Designers to complete high fashion interior design products & services. We are committed to art of the past & charm of modern styles, since 1987

Architects & Designers

Carpet Floor & More have previously completed major commercial and residential projects for prominent Architects & Designers.

Installation Services

Carpet Floor & More is a full service vendor of flooring, wall and window covering, kitchen and bath & general contracting. Our sub-contractors & installers are highly specialized.

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