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Wall to Wall Carpets Los Angeles

Wall to Wall Carpet

Wall-to-Wall carpeting has two-fold advantages, in that, it dresses up the floor attractively and also protects it from excessive wear and tear. Wall-to-Wall carpets offer a cheaper flooring option to most high-quality tiles and are visually appealing, too. These carpets are available in natural fibers such as Wool and Silk, and synthetic (man-made) fibers such as Nylon, Polyester and Polypropylene. Modern manufacturing processes and development of man-made fibers have revolutionized the carpet industry. Synthetic carpets are available in wide range of colours and variety of textures.

Natural Advantages of Wool Carpets

SHAPE RETENTION: Natural elasticity of wool fiber allows it to stretch up to 40% beyond its original length and return to its original size. Wool carpet not only retains its shape, even under heavy traffic, but also resists furniture crush.

REPELS WATER AND STAINS: Wool fibers repel water and stains due to a unique membrane covering the fiber core. Water and other spills remain on the surface, repelling stains and allowing spills to be blotted up with a clean and dry white cloth.

EASY TO CLEAN: The natural membrane found on wool fibers also allows for ease in cleaning. The membrane prevents dirt and dust from sinking below the surface, permitting regular vacuuming to keep wool carpet looking clean and new.

FIRE SAFE: Wool carpet has many natural fire safe characteristics, including flame retardance, high ignition temperature, low flame spread and ability to self-extinguish.

NATURAL INSULATION: Wool carpet absorbs sound and reduces noise levels, as well as insulates the indoor environment against outside elements.

IMPROVES INDOOR AIR QUALITY: Wool naturally resists static and mildew – static by wool’s natural moisture retention up to 30%, and mildew by its naturally low pH. Wool also improves and maintains indoor air quality by absorbing contaminants without re-emitting them. Wool Carpet may very well be the "greenest" of floor coverings.  Here's why:

1. Wool is the most SUSTAINABLE of flooring. Sheep grow wool, get it sheared, and re-grow the next batch in just a few months.  Other "natural" flooring takes YEARS to grow back.
2.  Wool is the most BIODEGRADABLE of flooring.  Wool, decomposes quickly, and in fact, can actually be used as a fertilizer thereby returning its natural proteins to the land!
3.  Wool is ALL NATURAL. Unlike synthetic carpets, wool uses no chemistry to become a beautiful floor. Sheep eat grass, and grow wool...can't be more natural than that!
4.  Wool is the BEST at enhancing INDOOR AIR QUALITY. Did you know that a wool carpet installation has been PROVEN to actually CLEAN THE AIR?  In fact, LEED has made a special designation for wool carpets.
Bottom line? There is no greener floor than wool carpet!

Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are the new innovation for home owners who may bored with their ordinary traditional carpets and feel so desperate with they have to make intensive cleaning process. So they interested in the new way of carpet cleaning. With its variety of surface, materials, pattern and styles, these characteristic enable carpet tiles draw a lot of attention and become popular very quickly.

Custom Area Rugs

What can an area rug do for your home? Just about anything! Area rugs are interior design necessities, as they can define, decorate, complement and emphasize room design and furniture. Take a look at any interior design magazine or decorator’s portfolio – nearly 90% of the rooms use area rugs to pull together the decor.

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Working closely with Architects and Designers to complete high fashion interior design products & services. We are committed to art of the past & charm of modern styles, since 1987

Architects & Designers

Carpet Floor & More have previously completed major commercial and residential projects for prominent Architects & Designers.

Installation Services

Carpet Floor & More is a full service vendor of flooring, wall and window covering, kitchen and bath & general contracting. Our sub-contractors & installers are highly specialized.

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